Our project contributions




The dreams of yesterday

are the hopes of today

and the reality of tomorrow.


Robert H. Goddard






1.Constellations and their myths


2.Astronomy on stamps


3.Space flight on stamps (German version)


4.Sun position and its measurement (German version)


5.Solar eclipses


6.Latin texts of solar eclipses (German version)


7.The solar eclipse 11.08.1999 (German version)


8.The solar eclipse 31.05.2003 (German version)


9.Venustransit on 08.06.2004 (German version)


10.   Beginning of summer on 21.06.2004


11.   Planetaria ( with CALENDAR 2006 "Planetariums all over the world")


12.   Models of our solar system


13.   Planet trails


14.   Observatories (with CALENDAR 2007 "Observatories all over the world")


15.   Radio-Astronomy (with CALENDAR 2008 "Observatories all over the world")


16.   Astronomy and art (German version)


17.   Games & astronomy


18.   Astrophotography


19.   Stars above Europe (an astronomical journey…)


20.   International Year of the Astronomy 2009