Lessons for starry-eyed pupils at the Hochwald -Grammar School Wadern

Never give up the search for enlightenment.

Conventional Wisdom

The Astronomy Society has been in place at the Hochwald-Gymnasium since the beginning of the 1998-9 school year.

The society is made up of school pupils between the ages of 11 and 17.

The members meet after the school day is over for a couple of hours on a fortnightly basis to work on the world of astronomy.

In our initial year, our main topics of interest were our own solar system as well as the solar eclipse of 1999, mainly because the school lay in the zone of totality.

Since last school year, our usual work with the stars has been joined by the construction and operation of the Global Astronomy Project for Schools (GAPS).

In this internet-based project, we are attempting to make contact and work together with a wide range of school astronomy groups in every continent, with the aim of collaborating to produce a truly international project.

Our GAPS current project is entitled "The Constellations and the Legends and Myths which lie behind them.".

The work of GAPS does stand to be quite exciting, have a look around and see what you think!