Aim of the project

Its better to light a candle than complain about the dark


The main aim of the GAPS project is to gather the results of the astronomical work done by schools around the world and to make them easily accessible.

We aim to promote the collaboration between such societies and to enable the exchange of information, experiences and ideas between them.

We will try to achieve this firstly by a collection of links to the sites of other member-groups.

Whenever possible the schools will cooperate with astronomy societies and bodies all over the world.

We later expect to work together on various projects, with the eventual aim to write an international astronomy textbook, with each chapter being put together by a different school or group of schools. This would ideally be done in the mother tongue as well as in English.

In this age of globalisation your partner school needn't any longer be one in your hometown, but could quite conceivably be one on the other side of the world. Distance is something that has ceased to be relevant.

Let us think of our planet as a huge school, where each country is just a different classroom where everyone is taught together regardless of where they live or come from!