Project Description

Education is not knowledge itself,
but the will to acquire it.

Hans Mogolius, 1909

Astronomy is one of the oldest yet also most modern forms of science, and all over the world there are both teachers and students working away in this absorbing field.

In some countries, astronomy is taught in schools, whilst in others, astronomers get together as a leisure pursuit.

More often than not, pupils are oblivious to the work that other students in other schools are doing.

The INTERNET gives us the opportunity to change all this:

Through its very nature as a world-wide medium, its ease of access and its up to date content, it is possible for schools to get in touch and share their knowledge with other schools many continents away.

And that is precisely our aim: To find schools working in similar fields and to work together with them.

We are offering a forum where any interested school pupil can share his or her contribution, an astronomical gallery, a hub, a sort of multinational idea stock exchange offering a map to the heavens.

We propose that in the first year of this project, each participating school will work on a topic of their choice and present the results in their own language as well as in English on their own homepage. Here each school could display links to the work of other GAPS schools.

After an initial period, it is hoped that all the schools could pull together on the same project.

So that the Internet user who lands on your homepage can experience more about Astronomy in your country, the school should also display a list of links to local astronomical sites.

Our GAPS project allows a brand new international presentation of a whole world of astronomical studies in schools.

WWW - Who is doing it? What are they doing? Where are they doing it? That is our interpretation of the well-known abbreviation.

We are open to ideas and contributions from anyone - and that means you! Your group can also participate! Let your school become a destination for astronomical surfers and greet guests from both home and abroad!